Germany’s DARC reports an amateur radio emergency exercise planned for November 13-15 has unfortunately been postponed due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic 

A translation of the DARC post reads: 

In February, the Emergency and Disaster Radio Department, together with the Executive Board, EmCom Luxembourg and representatives of the USKA, set the period from November 13th to 15th, 2020 for the emergency radio exercise and repeatedly checked over the course of the year whether and how this event could be carried out under Corona. 

Everyone involved in the planning – whether from Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Switzerland – was of the opinion that such an exercise is also possible under the officially prescribed rules for protection against Corona.

Bending & Breaking

However, it was always clear that there should be no exercise in “bending and breaking”. An exercise during corona times also means knowing when not to do it in order not to further promote the pandemic and to protect the participants.

While four weeks ago a joint exercise with two to three people in the same room could still be carried out without any problems in compliance with the existing corona requirements, the situation has now changed massively. 

Exception of 3 rural districts

In Germany – with the exception of three rural districts – all areas from which the exercise groups come are above the threshold values of the 7-day incidence. In France there are more than 32,000 new corona infections per day and the first exit bans have been ordered again. The situation is developing in a similar way in Belgium and in other European countries. Also or precisely because we know that the more than 100 interested parties are looking forward to this exercise, unfortunately we have to postpone it. 

It is important to us that the event creates a positive feeling for all participants. In our eyes, however, this is currently no longer possible. The dangers that can result from the exercise are no longer in proportion to the gain in knowledge to be achieved.

Calm & Contemplation

For many, a period of calm and contemplation will begin in the coming weeks, often with their families. We want this to be possible for everyone without any restrictions due to Corona. However, this only works if the infection numbers have returned to an acceptable level by that time. Otherwise we are likely to face further restrictions at Christmas or in the run-up to Christmas – we do not want to contribute to this. Therefore, after consultation with the participating neighboring countries, we are postponing the exercise to a period not yet planned in the next year – as soon as the coronavirus allows this again.