Kristen McIntyre, a.k.a K6WX, of San Jose, California, has assumed the office of ARRL Pacific Division Director following the recent vacancy in the office. – You can find the blog about the passing of former pacific division director Jim here-

Serve as a Director

The ARRL Articles of Association estimate she will serve as Director for the remainder of the current term, which expires on December 31, 2022. She will join the ARRL Board which is comprised of the organization’s 15 Directors — each representing a geographical area.


Kristen McIntyre

McIntyre was appointed as the Division’s Vice Director in 2018, and was unopposed as a candidate for the position in 2019. She was first licensed in the late 1970s while a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She holds an Amateur Extra class license. She has served as ARRL Technical Coordinator for the East Bay Section, and is a member of the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Club. McIntyre also is licensed in Japan, her second home, as JI1IZZ. She is a senior software engineer at Apple.