ARISS Will Celebrate 20 Years of Ham Radio at Space Station

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (a.k.a ARISS) will soon celebrate 20 years of regular ham radio operations on the International Space Station (a.k.a ISS).


NASA is commemorating this important milestone with a newly produced presentation that highlights the educational contacts through amateur radio between astronaut crew members aboard the ISS and students.


Over the span of 20 years, ARISS has supported nearly 1,400 scheduled ham radio contacts with schools, student groups, and other organizations.


The plan to develop ARISS began in 1996 as a cooperative venture among national amateur radio and amateur satellite societies with added support from respective space agencies.

Arrived Before

The ARISS ham radio gear arrived on the station before the Expedition 1 crew, headed by Commander Bill Shepherd, KD5GSL.

The FCC issued ham radio call sign NA1SS for ISS o…

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