Neighbors must wait in Framingham ham radio tower fight

Residents opposed to the building and construction of an 80-foot ham radio tower in a property community loaded the Zoning Board of Appeals listening to area on Wednesday. But the attorney for the ham radio driver that intends to develop the tower really did not show, so board participants elected to proceed the hearing till January.

ZBA conference

FRAMINGHAM - There were a lot of locals opposed to the construction of an 80-foot-tall ham radio tower in their community that numerous needed to remain on the floor in the city hall room where Wednesday's Zoning Board of Appeals hearing was held.

But locals really did not get to speak due to the fact that Fred Hopengarten, the attorney representing the ham radio driver, really did not show up. The day previously, the board got a letter stating he 'd be out of community.

ZBA participants unwillingly voted to continue the hearing till Jan. 8.

ZBA member Stephen Meltzer claimed the board …

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