Meet Jeff Hanscom & Chuck Liebow: Ham Radio Operators that let their fingers do the talking

Jeff Hanscom, a resident from Bar Harbor, still gets excited when he hears someone on the other end of the line of his Ham Radio.

Engineering Technician

Jeff is an engineering technician at Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor. Jeff first began experimenting with ham radios 40 years ago. As a 15-year-old boy, he was simply captivated by the idea of being able to transmit a message that could instantly be received and heard anywhere on the globe.


“It was like magic to me,” Hanscom said. “It was just the excitement of being able to take a simple radio signal, send out a signal and be able to contact somebody who’s hundreds or thousands of miles away from you.”

Jeff Hanscom 1980

Now at the age of 56, Jeff is still just as fascinated about the hobby as he was back in 1980. Jeff is just one of many Downeast residents who can be found over the airwaves these days by fellow ham radio enthusiasts the world over.

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