SOURCED DIRECTLY FROM THE ARRL: ARRL Logbook of The World Harmonizes Designation of FST4 Protocol

The Logbook of The World (LoTW) Committee worked with WSJT-X developer Joe Taylor, K1JT, to coordinate the creation of FST4 among WSJT-X, the ADIF standard, and LoTW.

Currently, the FST4 is only supported in a newly released beta version of the WSJT-X.


The new beta released includes digital protocols particularly designed for communication on LF and MF bands, like the 2200 meters and 630 meters, and its developers say that during its first few months of testing, contacts have crossed intercontinental paths numerous times on those bands.

Both modes offer a range of options for T/R-sequence lengths and threshold decoding sensitivities extending well into the –40 dB range, developers said.

Captioned in the photo: Joe Turner Committee's Action to Avoid

The committee’s action was to avoid the sort of confusion that cropped up among LoTW users logging contacts in FT4 when that protocol was first included in WSJT-X. In the ca…

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DARC Cancels Emergency Amateur Radio Exercise Until 2021

Germany's DARC reports an amateur radio emergency exercise planned for November 13-15 has unfortunately been postponed due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic 

A translation of the DARC post reads: 

In February, the Emergency and Disaster Radio Department, together with the Executive Board, EmCom Luxembourg and representatives of the USKA, set the period from November 13th to 15th, 2020 for the emergency radio exercise and repeatedly checked over the course of the year whether and how this event could be carried out under Corona. 

Everyone involved in the planning - whether from Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium or Switzerland - was of the opinion that such an exercise is also possible under the officially prescribed rules for protection against Corona.

Bending & Breaking

However, it was always clear that there should be no exercise in “bending and breaking”. An exercise during corona times also means know…

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Amateur Radio Operators Assist With Earthquake Drills Worldwide

On October 15th, over 20 Mendocino County amateur radio operators — a.k.a ham radio operators — participated in the Great ShakeOut exercise.

Photo by Kate Maxwell. Worldwide Event

This is a worldwide event which mimics actual conditions if there was an actual large earthquake and/or tsunami. If such an event were to occur, there is a chance that the power, phone, cellphone and internet would be disrupted. Amateur radio is a communications system that operates independently of conventional infrastructure.


In 2017, during the October fires in Mendocino County, much of the communications for the central part for the county — including police and fire communications — were disrupted for several days. In that event, local hams provided critical communications.


For the drill initiated on Oct. 15, volunteers observed and reported the status of bridges and rivers for both earthquake damage and a possible tsunami. Reports were …

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The Worlds Largest Amateur Radio Competition Starts Soon: Here are the details

The CQ WW is the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world. There are over 35,000 participants who take on the airwaves on the last weekend of October (SSB) and November (CW) with the main goal of making as many contacts with as many different DXCC entities and CQ Zones as possible.

Start Days

The 2020 CQ World-Wide DX ContestSSB: October 24-25 CW: November 28-29

Starts 00:00:00 UTC Saturday Ends 23:59:59 UTC Sunday


For amateurs around the world to contact as many other amateurs in as many CQ zones and countries as possible.


Six bands only: 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Observance of established band plans is strongly encouraged.


SSB: RS report plus CQ Zone number of the station location (e.g., 59 05). CW: RST report plus CQ Zone (e.g., 599 05).

Scoring Score

The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of the zone and c…

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Boy Scouts From Crystal Lake Try Out Amateur Radio

Nine members from Troop 165 in Crystal Lake tuned into radio frequencies on Sunday, October 18th, to connect with fellow scouts and amateur radio operators from across the planet as part of the annual Boy Scouts of America Jamboree-on-the-Air event.

Morse Code

The scouts were inspired as they adjusted the dials on various radio apparatus, which ranged from transmitting messages in Morse code to real-time voice conversations with people as far away as Texas and England. It truly helped the scouts express interest in obtaining their own government permissions to get on the air.

Members of the McHenry County Wireless Association brought hardware and their knowledge of radio operation to the Crystal Lake Park District Nature Center to help teach the scouts how to tune in and use frequencies that can allow communication across neighborhoods, counties, states, countries and oceans.

Bill Wacaser

Assistant scoutmaster Bill Wacaser also awakened …

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HamCation & the ARRL Convention has been postponed until February 2022

ARRL and the Orlando Amateur Radio Club (OARC) have announced that the ARRL National Convention and Orlando HamCation® — who was supposed to host the convention — have been postponed until February 10 – 13, 2022.

Health and Safety

“The joint decision came after considering the national public health emergency including the health and safety of all participants, the uncertainty that continues to impact our organizations, and the reluctance to travel to, and attend, large events,” said ARRL CEO David Minster, NA2AA. “We regret the disruption to the hard work already completed by so many volunteers preparing for the ARRL National Convention and HamCation.”

Creds to ARRL.Org A Difficult Decision

“While postponing was a difficult decision, our top priority is delivering a safe and successful HamCation experience for everyone, including our attendees, dedicated volunteers, exhibitors, and service partners,” said HamCation General Chairman Michael Cau…

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How the ICOM 7300 Has Impacted Ham Radio

ICOM has released the ICOM 7300 and many ham's have agreed that it's made an impact on Ham Radio. Here's what we think:

Fostered Hope in SDR- Software-Defined Radio

Hope that SDR was really going to make a difference in the hobby. SDR has been around for quite some time and is a very viable technology. SDR is a step forward in the state of the art. The 7300 is something that is relatively inexpensive and it uses SDR. This allows a ham to go with an inexpensive radio but have the ability to use the newer technology.

Tuning the Hobby to Visual Culture

Our culture is becoming visually oriented and is attracted to things like video games. The 7300 has a visual display that helps towards that vision and gives you a 'video game' like display. The ICOM 7300 would be a brilliant device to have if you're looking to have a visual display on the radio.


The ICOM 7300 enhanced the ICOM brand. IC…

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