Ham Radio & Canda: USESCO, Lee De Forest & Von Arco: Marine Radio in the Atlantic Part 3

German Inventors

Ferdinand Braun, Adolf Slaby and George von Arco, three German inventors, were working with two separate companies both of which were pursuing the same goal. A commercially successful radio system-in competition with one another as well as with Marconi.

George von Arco/ CREDITS to Bundesarchiv

Their fierce rivalry was ended in 1903 by the intervention of the Kaiser when they merged together to form the Telefunken systemwhich concentrated its ruthless drive againstMarconi and other non-German companies.


With powerful political support, the system quickly became an important force in the field of radio communication. Meanwhile in the United States, a different group of competitors had developed.

In 1897 the first American radio company was establishedThe United States Electrical Supply Company(USESCO)-by a Canadian, William Joseph Clarke.

Incorporated a day before Marconi's first firm inEngland, on …

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