How the ICOM 7300 Has Impacted Ham Radio

ICOM has released the ICOM 7300 and many ham's have agreed that it's made an impact on Ham Radio. Here's what we think:

Fostered Hope in SDR- Software-Defined Radio

Hope that SDR was really going to make a difference in the hobby. SDR has been around for quite some time and is a very viable technology. SDR is a step forward in the state of the art. The 7300 is something that is relatively inexpensive and it uses SDR. This allows a ham to go with an inexpensive radio but have the ability to use the newer technology.

Tuning the Hobby to Visual Culture

Our culture is becoming visually oriented and is attracted to things like video games. The 7300 has a visual display that helps towards that vision and gives you a 'video game' like display. The ICOM 7300 would be a brilliant device to have if you're looking to have a visual display on the radio.


The ICOM 7300 enhanced the ICOM brand. IC…

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